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Curtis/Sutton & the Scavengers are an Americana/Folk Blues band based out of Boise, Idaho.  The band’s sound is best described as Country-Folk meets Swamp-Blues.  This hodgepodge of gritty-sweet roots music is the brainchild of the band’s two distinct songwriters Charlie Sutton and Ryan Curtis.  Both songwriters have played across the country in different band settings. Sutton has even been featured as a solo artist on “A Prairie Home Companion.”  The revolving cast of characters known as the Scavengers, are anchored by their only full-timers, Sam Alkire on upright bass and Adam Straubinger on Fiddle. 

Sutton and Curtis share their musical roots in the Midwest- Sutton in St. Louis and Curtis in Michigan and Chicago. However, the story of Curtis/Sutton began in 2013, when both songwriters found their way to Boise, Idaho. Curtis was escaping the suburban sprawl of Los Angeles and Sutton the rural farmland of north Idaho.  The North Boise neighbors quickly hit it off over late night jam sessions, cold beers and old records.

The band are known for their rowdy 3-4 hour sets of mainly original music. They take their listeners on a journey through the genres of blues, traditional country, bluegrass, rockabilly and folk.  You can catch them most weekends playing the dives and haunts of Idaho and the greater Northwest. Check out iTunes or Spotify today to stream their latest release “Whiskey Rain”.


Curtis/Sutton & the Scavengers: Crafting a Musical Odyssey

Hailing from the vibrant heart of Boise, Idaho, Curtis/Sutton & the Scavengers aren’t just a band; they’re a sonic adventure through the rich tapestry of American roots music. This eclectic ensemble has brewed a captivating blend of Americana, Folk, and Blues that resonates with the soul and invites you to step into their world.

A Fusion of Sounds
At the core of their essence lies the fusion of two distinct creative forces: Charlie Sutton and Ryan Curtis. Like two streams converging into a river, their songwriting styles merge seamlessly, forging a sound that’s uniquely theirs. Picture Country-Folk intertwining with Swamp-Blues, creating a gritty-yet-melodic experience that’s both haunting and comforting.

The Scavengers: Musical Alchemy

But Curtis/Sutton & the Scavengers aren’t merely a duo; they’re a collective of musical storytellers. Anchored by the talents of Sam Alkire on upright bass and Adam Straubinger on Fiddle, the band boasts an ever-evolving ensemble known as the Scavengers. It’s a musical alchemy that transforms their compositions into dynamic, electrifying performances.


A Journey Back to the Roots
Both Charlie Sutton and Ryan Curtis hail from the Midwest, where the seeds of their musical passions were sown. Sutton in the streets of St. Louis, and Curtis amidst the rhythm of Michigan and Chicago. Fate orchestrated their meeting in Boise, Idaho, where suburban sprawls and rural farmlands faded into the backdrop of late-night jam sessions, shared laughter, and the clinking of cold beer bottles.

A Melodic Odyssey
Curtis/Sutton & the Scavengers take their audience on a melodic odyssey, spanning 3-4 hour sets that delve into the heart of blues, traditional country, bluegrass, rockabilly, and folk. Original compositions breathe new life into these genres, weaving narratives that paint vivid imagery of life’s experiences.

Live and Alive
Catch the Scavengers in their natural habitat – live on stage. Most weekends, they grace the dives and haunts of Idaho and the greater Northwest with their electrifying presence. It’s in these moments that their music truly comes alive, drawing the audience into a world where time bends, and every note tells a story.

Sounds of Whiskey Rain
Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in their musical journey. Stream their latest release “Whiskey Rain” on platforms like iTunes and Spotify, where each track is a drop of emotion that forms a symphony of memories and reflections.

Infinite Horizons of Sound
Curtis/Sutton & the Scavengers are more than musicians; they’re curators of emotions, weavers of tales, and creators of sonic landscapes. As their music resonates in your ears, prepare to embark on a voyage where every chord is a compass guiding you through the heart of the American musical tradition